Brazilian Bare Complete Shave Syrup Set

$36.00 $84.00

Luxury Shave Syrup Set: Save 57% On All Three

Try all of our Brazilian Bare Shave Syrups while saving 57%! (an $84.00 value for only $36.00). While we like to think of this special offer as the "Spumoni" of shaving (for obvious reasons), this is a great way to find your shave syrup "favorite" or to share the gift of smooth, irritation-free shaving with someone else. This set includes 3 "full size" shave syrup tubes: one tube of Brazilian Bare Original Shave Syrup, one tube of Brazilian Bare Tropical Coconut Extra Moisturizing Shave Syrup, and one tube of Brazilian Bare Fresh Watermelon Extra Gentle Shave Syrup.