Brazilian Bare Reviews From Around The Web

Here are what women are saying on after trying Brazilian Bare:

5 Stars: "A MUST have! I have been shaving for over 20 years so you think I would have seen all the magic creams on the market, Wrong! If you are like me and suffer with sensitive skin, and humiliating razor burn you must invest in Brazilian Bare! This is the only product I have tried that eliminates my razor burn and leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth, not dried out like other products tend to do. With summer fast approaching, I will be spending a lot of time outside and in the pool, which means it’s time to pull out my tank tops, shorts, and bikinis! Now that I have discovered Brazilian Bare, I can finally feel confident in my summer wardrobe knowing the red bumps that used to haunt me are no longer there. Brazilian Bare is a very soothing, calming, and salon quality shave syrup. Non-Irritating, very smooth and easy to apply. A quarter sized dollop is all you need! Creates a very slick and protected surface on the skin so razor glides effortlessly and closely! To date I have had no nicks, cuts, rashes, skin flaking etc. even in my bikini area. Best shave syrup on the market!! It truly gives me the best shave, each time. I will continue to use this product as my only shave syrup"

5 Stars: "I bought this shave syrup a few weeks ago and it's been a game changer for me. I have tried countless shaving creams, different waxing techniques and almost every brand of razor. I have been suffering from sensitive skin all my life and found no solution that worked. After using Brazilian Bare my embarrassing red bumps are hardly even there! I have been able to wear shorts without having to be worried about who is looking at my legs and judging. At the pool, I can wear my bikini without having to hide under my cover up! Brazilian Bare has changed the way I view shaving, and I will definitely be a returning customer."

5 Stars: "I don't think I will be able to live without this. Smoothest and most comfortable shave ever. I am so happy I found this. I feel like I hit the shaving jackpot. No more bumps or redness or itchy dry legs!"

5 Stars: "This product is amazing! I have tried it and it lives up to its name. You get a really close shave without any irritation. I love the consistency of the syrup, and fragrance is very pleasant. Very pleased with the results!"

5 Stars: "Great! My daughters and I love the Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup. It leaves your legs so soft after you shave. Great in all other areas too. Never tried anything like this before and we love it. You only need a small amount so it will last."

5 Stars: "I absolutely love this shave syrup! My underarms and legs are smoother than I've been able to achieve in the past. The syrup is thin and does not clog up the razor as with gels and creams."

5 Stars: "I tried this product and I loved it! It left my sensitive skin feeling soft and smooth! A small amount covers large areas and has great scent too." Reviews From Verified Buyers