Rachel's Shaving Guide

After years of painstaking research, Rachel, Brazilian Bare's Founder & Chief Beauty Officer, has gathered a number of important "tips and tricks" that will help you achieve the closest, smoothest shave possible as well as care for your skin.

General Shaving Tips:

  1. Always shave in the shower or bathtub. This allows the steam/warm water to soften your skin and hair, making it easier to shave.
  2. There are two components of a close, smooth shave: The razor and the shave cream/gel (or syrup) that you choose to use. Don't skimp on either because, as Mom used to say, "You'll only be hurting yourself!". We recommend using a five-blade razor that vibrates and, yes, Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup. We've found that regular disposable blades, while cheap and easy to use, simply don't perform nearly as well and traditional shave creams and gels don't provide maximum protection from the rigors of shaving.
  3. Replace the blade as soon as you feel it is starting to get dull. The number of shaves you can get from a single blade will vary on a number of things including how well you clean it and how big the areas are that you are shaving.
  4. Shave downward first. This allows you to go "with the grain", minimizing "pulling" and razor irritation/ingrown hairs.
  5. Shave using short strokes (your legs are an exception). This allows for better razor control and can minimize nicks and cuts.
  6. Try to pull your skin taut/tight. As long as this doesn't result in discomfort, this will help the razor's blade glide smoothly over your skin and result in fewer nicks and cuts.
  7. Never press too hard while shaving ... the razor should be allowed to do all of the work without much pressure from you.
  8. Shave as often as you need it. Staying "on top" of hair removal helps ensure that shaving is as easy and painless as possible.


Shaving Your Legs:

  1. Scrub your legs with a good exfoliator before you shave. Using a good one will allow you to remove dead skin cells that can clog up your razor, making it much less effective (and possibly painful). Smooth legs start with smooth skin.
  2. Bend your knees while sitting in the bathtub or standing in the shower to help stretch the area to be shaved. As mentioned earlier, this is just another technique that helps tighten the skin, making it easier to shave.
  3. This is the one area that you should use long, even strokes while applying even pressure.
  4. Shaving "against the grain" will indeed result in a closer shave but be very careful when doing so as the risk of nicks and cuts is increased when shaving in this direction.

Shaving Your Underarms:

  1. To help make skin taut, lift your arm up before shaving.
  2. Shave from the bottom up in order to minimize irritation.
  3. Don't apply antiperspirant or deodorant immediately after shaving as it can cause stinging and irritation.
  4. After shaving, we like to apply a light cornstarch powder to help soothe the area.

Shaving Your Bikini Area:

  1. Since the hair in this area tends to be thicker while the skin is thinner and more sensitive, extra care is needed when shaving the bikini area.
  2. Make sure that both the skin and hair to be shaved are extra moist before applying our Brazilian Bare Shave Gel.
  3. Shave from the outside to the inside of the upper thigh and groin area with smooth, even strokes. Remember, it's always easier to shave an area that has been shaved often as there tends to be less hair to remove.

Have any shaving "tips" you'd like to share? If so, email them to us at customerservice@brazilianbare.com and if we post them, you'll receive a free tube of Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup!