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What Women Are Saying ...

  • "What an amazing product. I guess I was "brainwashed" into thinking that the same old shave gels are all that I could use. Now I have no more problems with ingrown hairs! I'm really glad I found Brazilian Bare!"

    Paige R.
    New York, NY

  • "I've never used anything like it ... and my legs have never looked better. I actually look forward to shaving now!"

    Jamie S.
    Miami, FL

  • "WOW! Loved it. My legs have never been this smooth and I wasn't even using a new razor."

    Diane T.
    Weston, CT

  • "I really like the texture and the way my legs feel after shaving. Love the product!"

    Dr. Raquel S.
    Pasadena, CA

  • "I know people always send emails about how horrible something is, or how bad of an experience they’ve had but I’m very familiar with customer service and the service industry and understand that it’s nice to get the good feedback every once in a while. Let me tell you, this is earned feedback!

    I literally get shave bumps and irritation from shaving, waxing, creams etc, you name it, it bothers me. It has literally just become something I live with; until now! Your Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup is the BEST product I have ever used for shaving. I use it and get NO irritation, AND get the closest shave possible on top of that."

    Amy Z.
    Frankfort, NY