Brazilian Bare Luxury Skin Care Ambassador Search

After receiving so many amazing entries, we are pleased to announce the winners of our first-ever ambassador search! These women exemplify what Brazilian Bare represents and we are excited to have them as our inaugural Brazilian Bare Brand Ambassadors...


Annie L.: A hard-working college student from Woodland Hills, California, Annie loves all forms of art. Her hobbies include drawing and going to museums. When asked why she uses Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup, she said "I love the smooth and thin layer it provides while shaving compared to shaving creams and gels. It just feels very clean and slick, which makes shaving faster and easier!"


LaLa D.: A full-time mother of two beautiful daughters from Columbus, Georgia, LaLa finds time to be involved in personal training, modeling, mentoring, and bodybuilding. As a former cosmetologist, she is an active "NPC Bikini Athlete" with hopes of one day being an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro. When asked why she uses Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup, she responded "I just love the luxurious consistency and ease of shaving with it. It really leaves my skin silky soft!"