The Best Shaving Cream Or Gel For Women (You Might Be Surprised)

When it comes to self-care & getting a close, smooth shave, there are a few things women can seemingly never escape:

  1. razor burn (painful!)
  2. irritation (uncomfortable!)
  3. dry skin (annoying!)
  4. ingrown hair (the worst ever!)

It always seems that no matter how careful you are when you shave, how many extra steps you add to your routine, and all of the fancy lotions and creams you try, these things always seem to sneak right on in. 

Finding The Best Shave Cream Or Gel (For All Skin Types)

Are you searching for the best shaving cream or gel for sensitive skin? Or just the best shaving cream or gel for women overall? Read on to discover what you need to know to really help you to finally get rid of razor bumps and that painful razor burn for good. The answer might surprise you!

Shaving Gel vs. Shaving Cream

If you’re on the hunt for the best shaving product for women, you’re probably considering two main categories – gels and creams. Here's a quick comparison of the two...

The Best Shaving Gels For Women

Shave Cream or Gel WomenShaving gel is the thicker of the two options. A thin layer usually provides a heavy lather and a higher level of protection for your skin. If you're using a moisturizing shave gel, it generally tends to hydrate a bit better than creams too. However, women's shave gels are generally harder to rinse off and are difficult to track where you’ve actually shaved. The thicker consistency of gels can also tend to clog razors (that's a no-no!).

The Best Shaving Cream For Women

Shave Gel Women

Shaving cream is typically light and airy, with a high level of lather that’s easy to rinse and makes it easy to track where you’ve shaved, since it’s opaque. However, because it’s so lightweight (due to the fact that it consists of mostly air), it typically offers less protection than shaving gel.

What's The Difference Anyway? Creams vs. Gels

Ready to choose a shaving cream or gel? When it comes down to it, there are a few key differences between shaving gels and creams...

  1. the lather
  2. how well they lubricate & moisturize skin
  3. the fragrance
  4. the thickness or consistency

1. Creams v Gels: The Lather: The biggest difference between creams and gels is the lather. With a shaving cream, you add water and blend it together to turn it into a soapy lather. On the other hand, when water is added to a gel, less lather is usually produced... but they do tend to be more difficult to rinse off.

The better lather: Winner... gels, as long as you're not in a hurry to rinse it off and don't mind a little layer of residue left after getting out of the shower.

2. Creams v Gels: The Lubrication: The amount of moisture that creams and gels add to the skin also varies, with gels providing a significantly higher amount due to their thickness and composition. Creams are typically lighter and wash off fairly easily, limiting how well they lubricate the skin.

The better lubrication: Winner... gels.

3. Creams v Gels: The Fragrance: While many shaving creams and gels have a subtle or not-so-subtle scent to them, most products on the market for women contain a "synthetic" fragrance... which is a nice way of saying that they get their scent from unnamed chemicals, which can be extremely irritating to the skin.

The better fragrance: Winner... neither due to the irritation caused by the chemicals typically found in these fragrances.

4. Creams v Gels: The Thickness: Shaving gels usually fall on the thicker side, with a heavier feel that sits atop the skin. Some women think that this consistency allows for a bit better razor control, which is certainly preferred especially with difficult spots like underarms and the bikini area.

On the other hand, shaving creams fall on the lighter end, with a super airy feel that quickly & easily washes away... great for those mornings when you're rushing out the door or in a pinch to get poolside.

The better thickness: Winner...gels. Although gels may provide a bit better feel when it comes to razor control, the thickness of gels can often clog razors very quickly. Although it may seem like you are getting a closer shave, a clogged razor is a major cause of razor burn, nicks, and ingrown hair!

Shaving Gels v Creams For Women: All-In-All Takeaways

When looking at shaving gels vs shaving creams for women, there’s not really any clear winner although gels do seem to win in most categories above. Both work decently well, but also definitely have some glaring issues. Neither gels nor creams provide enough protection to guard against irritated skin, dry skin, or razor burn and razor bumps, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Granted, they may provide a little relief, but can fall short especially around hard-to-reach or sensitive areas and don’t really help get rid of razor bumps around the bikini area or legs in particular.

Additionally, while creams and gels do provide some hydration, it’s typically short-lasting. You likely won’t see or feel any major benefits past the end of your shower or bath. After lathering up and rinsing, you’ll find both gels and creams leave your skin feeling dry and irritated almost right away.

The Best Shaving Product For Women

So, what really is the best product to get rid of razor bumps, razor burn and avoid ingrown hairs while getting a close, smooth shave... shave creams or shave gels?

The winner? None of the above.

The Secret Weapon For A Close, Comfortable Shave: Shave Syrup!

Best Shave Product For Women

When it comes to shaving, there is only one option for getting rid of razor bumps while getting a soft and smooth, irritation-free shave: Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup.

What is shave syrup, you ask?

Known as “The Beauty Expert’s Secret,” this new innovation isn’t a cream or a gel – it’s something totally better!

The Details...

What makes shave syrup so much better than even the best shaving gels or creams for women? It’s simple – the formula. Made from natural ingredients, Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup is a super-concentrated, antioxidant-enriched botanical formula that creates a clear gel-like barrier which moisturizes and protects your skin from the irritation that shaving can cause. 

Better than the best shaving gels or creams for sensitive skin, shave syrup is extremely gentle and packed full of benefits like preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs while also adding moisture and hydrating skin during AND after you shave.

Totally fragrance-free without any irritating chemicals, this amazing shave syrup is infused with super premium, handpicked ingredients, does not contain parabens, and is dermatologist recommended. (Yes... you read that right! A dermatologist-recommended women’s shave product! How many shave creams or gels can say that?)

Not to mention – shave syrup's rich, amber color and consistency allows you to easily track where you’ve shaved without clogging razors, blowing the best shaving creams and gels for legs and bikini area right out of the water... Never miss a spot again!

Another added benefit is that a single tube of Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup can last months, depending on your shaving routine. Because the formula is so concentrated, you only need a small, quarter-sized amount to reap the full benefits of shave syrup. 

The bottom line: even compared to the best moisturizing shave cream and the best shave gel for women, shave syrup truly is the clear-cut winner because of its ability to:

  • prevent razor bumps
  • get rid of ingrown hairs
  • hydrate & moisturize skin
  • allow precise razor control on legs, underarms and bikini area
  • leave a close, silky-smooth shave that lasts!

Since we know you will agree too that Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup is the best shaving product for women, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not head over heels in love with our shaving and skin care products, you can get your purchase price back - no questions asked.

So why put up with the shaving irritation and discomfort any longer? Women all over the country are absolutely raving! Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup reviews are abuzz about how this new product is "an absolute game-changer!"

We hope you will join the shaving revolution now - order your first tube of Shave Syrup completely risk free and remember:  the best shaving cream or gel for women is neither... It’s Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup!