About Brazilian Bare

Traditional Women’s Shave Creams & Gels Didn’t Work

After years of being frustrated when shaving, Rachel Jacobs decided to do something about it. Having had sensitive skin her whole life, Rachel tried almost every shave cream and gel available. What she found was that they either were formulated using mostly air and/or contained a bunch of chemicals that she didn't want touching her skin.


The one thing that they all had in common though, was that they didn't sufficiently protect and care for her skin while she shaved. The result was always the same: skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup Is Born

Rachel realized that having a great razor was only half of the equation to achieve a close, comfortable, irritation-free shave on her legs, bikini area, and underarms. That's when her search for a better shave cream/gel began. Unfortunately, she quickly realized that there hadn't been any significant improvements in these products for years. After almost giving up, she stumbled upon a new form of shaving product that was super-concentrated and incredibly effective at providing the most comfortable shaving experience she had ever experienced. This thick, antioxidant-enriched formula was unlike anything she had used in eliminating razor burn, shaving irritation, and ingrown hairs. Her search was over... Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup was indeed born.

We take women's skin care (and shaving) very seriously. Our products are developed with great looking skin and a women's confidence in mind. Our goal is to only offer products that are made from the highest quality ingredients, effective, and beneficial to the skin. When you try a Brazilian Bare product, you can be confident that you are using some of the best and most effective products in the world. By using premium ingredients that have been thoroughly tested (but NEVER on animals) to make sure they achieve the desired results and producing all of our products here in the USA, we ensure your complete satisfaction with how our products perform.

Your Skin Will Never Be The Same

Rachel launched Brazilian Bare with the intent to share the formulas that she developed with you, as she knows how frustrating it is to keep searching for products that are actually good for your skin and perform well. Once you try Brazilian Bare, your skin (and shaving) will never be the same.

You have many choices when caring for your skin and we know that. We hope to make your choice that much easier when you get to know Brazilian Bare ... as we only offer products that we use every day.