What Is Shave Syrup?

First, let us tell you what it's not: It's not a funny colored, overly scented, shaving cream or gel made from air and chemicals you can't pronounce. With all that fancy "chemistry," you'd think that they could at least give you a close, smooth, irritation-free shave ... but you'd be wrong (and don't get us started about them helping to reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs because, as we often thought, it was those same chemicals that caused the irritation in the first place).  

Now let us tell you what it is:  First, Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup is completely different than traditional shave creams and gels.

Next, as the name implies, our Shave Syrup is a thick, amber, super-concentrated liquid with almost a "syrupy" consistency. When activated with water, it glides smoothly over the area to be shaved providing superior protection from "razor bumps" and ingrown hairs while adding revitalizing moisture to your skin.

Additionally, unlike conventional shave creams and gels, we've replaced the air and many of the harsh chemicals with antioxidant-enriched botanical ingredients that help protect and nourish the skin. The result is an incredibly effective "syrup-like" product that is the perfect shaving solution for women when it comes to shaving their legs, underarms and bikini area.


Effect of shaving with shave gel versus shave syrup

Key Benefits Of Brazilian Bare Shave Gel

    • A significant reduction in irritation caused by frequent shaving
    • The elimination of ingrown hairs and razor bumps
    • The creation of a "clear gel barrier" once applied, allowing the user to clearly see the area to be shaved for precise razor control
    • Shaved skin is actually more moisturized after shaving then before