Brazilian Bare Post-Shave Body Powder

Brazilian Bare Post-Shave Body Powder is the modern, all-natural way, to keep your skin fresh, dry, and odor-free throughout the day. Developed for use after showering and shaving, our talc-free formula is made from 100% pharmaceutical-grade cornstarch, natural baking soda, and aloe extract. With a light citrus scent, our body powder will protect your skin from post-shave irritation, help eliminate chaffing and fight odor and wetness. Perfect for use after bathing, at the gym, or whenever your skin needs refreshing.

Brazilian Bare Post-Shave Body Powder:

  • Keeps skin cool, dry, and odor-free
  • Helps prevent chaffing and irritation
  • Is 100% talc-free
  • Is gentle enough to use daily


    1. Made with 100% pharmaceutical-grade cornstarch
    2. Aloe extract helps to calm and protect your skin
    3. Natural baking soda helps fight odor even during the most intense workouts
    1. Carefully shake powder into your hand and smooth over your skin. Apply liberally and as often as necessary.
    1. Zea Mays (Corn Starch), Sodium Bicarbonate (Balking Soda), Tricalcium Phosphate (Flow Agent), Fragrance, Aloe Barbadensis Extract.

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